Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blue and Silver - what a wonderful combination!

Wow, another post - I'm not doing all too bad with this blogging business :p I recently had the pleasure of making Thank You cards for a bride. Three cards for her bridesmaids, one for her mom, and another for her father. This lucky bride was actually a door prize winner from my Belly Laughs Mother's Day event - she won 5 handstamped cards! Her wedding colours are cornflower blue and silver, so after looking at my many designs, she chose the ones below and I adapted them to match her colours. I never thought to focus on this color combination so it was lots of fun to play and change my existing designs to fit :) I was thrilled with the result, as was the bride (which was most important). I also love how even though the cards all focus on silver and blue, they're all so very different. Here they are, they've definitely inspired me to choose a color combination and run with it to see what I come up with! Try it - it'll definitely get those creative juices flowing :D

For Dad:
For Mom:

For the Bridesmaids:

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