Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stamp It Up for Mom @ Belly Laughs

What a fun day! I had my Mother's Day Event at Belly Laughs and let me tell you, it was lots of fun! The kids had a great time making cards with the Loonies for Littles Kit. Although I had designed a card for inspiration, they came up with fun and unique designs of their own - I loved seeing that wonderful creativity in young, budding stampers :) I never realized the potential that this Stamping Kit had - a GREAT deal for $32.50! Thanks to all those who came out - it was great meeting you! Here is the card I designed with the Loonies set, but like I said, the kiddies' cards were much much better ;)

I'd also like to offer a Big Congratulations to Lori M., Stephanie F. and Erin C. - they were the door prize winners!!! Last but not least, a HUGE THANK YOU to Sandra and the rest of Belly Laughs for allowing me to use their space!!!

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