Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stampin' Up!'s New Offering: Décor Elements!!!

I'm VERY excited to present to you Stampin’ Up!'s new product, an addition to the Definitely Decorative product line, cor Elements It will be available for customers to purchase on July 1, 2008.

More and more people are using Stampin’ Up!’s rubber stamps and accessories to customize their home. Because of this demand, Stampin’ Up! is now offering additional coordinating home décor products for making customized personal space easy, cost effective and flexible. These Elements are like giant rub-ons for your wall, made of vinyl. They're easy to apply and easy to remove when you decide to change the look of your room! Much easier than stamping designs on your wall, and much less permanent, too!

I'm oh so excited about this product - it will make decorating with Stampin' Up!'s beautiful artwork much easier for those of you who aren't sure about this whole "Stampin' Thing". I was going to stamp some fun images on Anna's bedroom walls when we make her room into a 'big girl' room. But that's been scrapped - LOL! I'll be using these cor Elements instead! The only problem... which ones to choose???

Check out the awesome cor Elements Brochure. Remember that this is only Phase I, there are many many more great designs to come! I would love to talk to you and your friends about this product and how to decorate your spaces with them. Contact me today at or 613-836-8844 to book your workshop!

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