Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Occasions Mini Preview

Happy New Year everyone! With the New Year I resolve to (again) try to maintain this blog. I know what you're thinking - hasn't gone so well in the past. But I'll try *really* hard this time because I want to be able to share all my projects, classes and inspirations with you! I know not everyone is on Facebook, which is what I've been using the last couple of months, and while it's working, I know I'm not reaching everyone so here I am, again :)

With the new year comes a new Mini - well, in a couple of days, anyhow. There are a lot of awesome new products in the 2011 Occasions Mini: Rosettes, a Build-a-Cupcake Punch, Spinners for spinner cards, fabric buttons and lots lots more! It's one of my fave Minis in quite a while! I was so excited when my box of preorder goodies (a perk of being a demo ;) ) came and I made quite a few projects right away! Here are my faves to share with you...

Spinner Card:


Easter Blossoms - I'm not usually into Easter Sets but I just loved this little girl image and thought it could be used for birthdays, too :)

You excited yet??? Keep letting stamps bring out your creativity and I look forward to stamping with you in 2011!

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